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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Attempt at a conversation with Minister Raitt

Mrs. Raitt,
As you've started your tenure as a Labour Minister with a major breakthrough in taking labour rights in Canada into the 19th century, here is some advice for the future (as the tough-on-workers approach will surely provoke more strikes, not fewer):

  • Fastest way to decrease unemployment: stop recognizing those unemployed as workers at all. Just start treating them like a nuisance that can be easily disregarded. Pat on the shoulder from neanderthal colleagues guaranteed.
  • Easiest way to push through back-to-work legislation: quickly claim that anyone opposing the legislation is unpatriotic and wants to kill the economy. Get a few sunny-news papers and TV channels to spread the word. Everyone goes back to work while you can go back to sleep.
Something to think about.